Nick Adams


Nick Adams is the Principal Investigator of the Deciding Force project and a Data Science Fellow with the Berkeley Institute for Data Science. His creative research designs seek to answer previously unanswerable questions in service of the greater good. He is a proponent of open science and he hopes this project will contribute to a 'common sense’ about how human groups impose their wills on one another using physical force and intimidation.

Gladys Aparicio


Gladys Aparicio is a researcher for the Deciding Force team who is pursuing a B.A. in Sociology and a B.A. in Economics from UC Berkeley. While Gladys has been on the team she has hand-coded newspaper articles through proper application of first-pass and second-pass coding protocol procedures. She has recently started the process of non-profit incorporation for the Deciding Force team to further their contribution to big-data research practices. When not busy in the lab, Gladys can be found collaborating with various organizations on and off campus who share her passion for social justice, her commitment to public service, and her vision for educational equity. Gladys is an occasional vegan who loves people and performing poetry.

Marybeth Baluyot


As the business manager and a senior researcher for the Deciding Force project, Marybeth Baluyot has served on the team since its inception and contributed to the gathering and hand-coding of over 8,000 Occupy articles, the developing of web interfaces to optimize crowdwork, and the recruiting and training of newer members. She received a B.A. in Sociology and a Minor in Education from UC Berkeley and has since continued to promote discussions on issues of inequality and organize community group efforts in local schools. Marybeth can easily be found around town wearing bright pink running shoes with a blender bottle in hand.

Christiana Dunlap


Christiana Dunlap is a senior researcher for the Deciding Force team. She received her B.A. in Political Science from UC Berkeley with an emphasis in international relations. She will be pursuing her MBA in Fall 2014 and will write a thesis that will explore how public budgeting influences private sector decision making. In her free time, Christiana plays drums in a band and is a competitive powerlifter.


Sofie Garden


Sofie Garden is the lead documenter and a senior researcher for the Deciding Force team. She received her B.A. in Sociology from UC Berkeley, graduating at the top of her department. While her senior honors thesis compared Occupy Austin and Occupy Denver to investigate the institutional and psychological factors that influence violence in collective action, her interests are ranging and expansive. Outside of work, Sofie is an ardent yogi who appreciates a strong cup of coffee, the New York Times crossword, and an intense game of foosball.

Jonathan Scott II


While on the project, Jonathan Scott II has assisted with the collecting and text-tagging of Occupy news articles, as well as the gathering of police and city context variables. Jonathan is currently a double Major in History and Sociology and a Minor in Music performance at the University of California, Berkeley.

Jennifer Segura-Diaz


Jennifer Segura is a researcher for the Deciding Force project; she is pursuing her B.A. in Political Science and Sociology from UC Berkeley. While on the team, Jennifer has helped complete our article archive and gather city context variables for the nearly 200 cities in our database.  Outside of this project, Jennifer is the co-coordinator for Peer Health Exchange and helps bring comprehensive health education to over 2400 bay area high school students. Jennifer is also a part-time college advisor at an Oakland high school. In her free time she often trains for half-marathons.

Carly Vendeiro


Carly Vendeiro is a senior researcher on the Deciding Force project who is pursuing her B.A. in Sociology and a minor in Luso-Brazilian Language and Literature from UC Berkeley. Throughout her first year on the team, she has hand-coded thousands of newspaper articles about the Occupy movement, written protocols outlining the team’s best practices, and aided in the development of a user-friendly web interface for text analysis by crowdworkers. Outside of the lab, Carly can be found building community in the campus’ LGBTQ and multicultural spaces, caring for nine one-year-olds at the university daycare, or grooming her bunny, Rudy.

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